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Dothan September home sales increase 5 percent from same period last year

Dothan September home sales increase 5 percent from same period last yearThe Dothan-area median home sales price during August was $150,000, a 17.6 percent increase from September 2016. (File)

Click here to view or print the entire monthly report compliments of the ACRE Corporate Cabinet.

Sales: According to the Dothan Multiple Listing Service Inc., Dothan-area residential sales totaled 117 units during September, an increase in sales of 5.4 percent from the same month in 2016, when sales totaled 111. Another resource to review is the Annual Report.

For all of Dothan’s area real estate data, click here.

Forecast: Closed transactions in September were 12 units or 11.4 percent above the Alabama Center for Real Estate’s (ACRE) monthlyforecast. ACRE’s 2017 sales forecast through August projected 949 closed transactions, while the actual sales were 1,034 units, a favorable difference of 9 percent.

Supply: The Dothan-area housing inventory in September was 1,078 units, a decrease of 3.1 percent from September 2016. September inventory was 3.1 percent above August. Historical data indicate that September inventory on average (2012-16) increases from August by 1.2 percent. There were 9.7 months of housing supply during September (approximately 6 months represents a balanced market) vs. 9.6 months of supply during the same period the previous year.

Demand: Residential sales decreased 0.8 percent from August. Historical data (2012-2016) indicate September sales typically increase 0.6 percent from August.

Pricing: The Dothan-area median sales price during August was $150,000, a 17.6 percent increase from September 2016 and a 1.9 percent increase from the prior month. Historical data indicate an increase of 0.6 percent in pricing is typically recorded from August to September. Differing sample sizes (number of residential sales of comparative months) can contribute to statistical volatility, including pricing. ACRE highly recommends consulting with a local real estate professional to discuss pricing trends, as they will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Industry perspective: “The impacts from this season’s hurricanes on the U.S. economy were wide-ranging but should dissipate over time. These include the loss of momentum in consumer spending and residential investment, as well as a decline in September payrolls and August home sales and contract signings,” said Fannie Mae Chief Economist Doug Duncan. “We expect economic activity to rebound in coming months. The recovery will likely be slower for home sales and home building, however, as the labor shortage and rising material prices will likely worsen after the hurricanes, exacerbating already-tight inventory. While we expect full-year economic growth for 2017 to come in at the same rate projected in our prior forecast, we now believe that total home sales will be essentially flat this year compared with the moderate rise predicted in the prior forecast. Despite muted underlying inflation, we continue to expect the Fed to raise rates for the third time this year in December.”

Click here to generate more graphs from Dothan’s September Housing Report, including Total Sales, Average Sales Price, Days on the Market, Total Inventory and Months of Supply. 

The Dothan Residential Monthly Report was developed in conjunction with the Dothan Association of Realtors to better serve area consumers.

Great Fall Foliage Trails in Dothan & Alabama!

by Kelli Dillard

The coming of the fall season means many things… picking, brisk nights, pumpkin carving, and beautiful autumnal colors as the leaves change. The great state of Alabama is the perfect time to admire the spectacular golden, orange, red, and maroon shades that overtake the trees. Early October is the perfect time to take a road trip from Dothan and the surrounding communities to the mountains in North Alabama. These mountains offer some of the best views of the forests in the state. All of the colors throughout Alabama will be in their prime starting in late October and through early November. Here is our guide to the best spots in Alabama to see fall foliage.


Gather your family, pack up your car, and head north for the ultimate fall road trip. Drive up to Oak Mountain State Park (200 Terrace Drive, Pelham) and stop at Peavine Overlook and Peavine Falls to admire the scenery. From there, head up to Blount County to see some great, historic covered bridges located throughout the county. These bridges, such as Horton Mill (located just off AL Highway 75), Old Easley (located 1.5 miles from US 231), and Swann Covered Bridge (1590 Swann Bridge Road, Cleveland) are surrounded by trees. Next, stop at Palisades Park (1225 Palisades Parkway, Oneonta). Leave Oneonta on 1-59 to head up Whitney Mountain and drive up US 231. Head on I-59 up Whitney Mountain near Oneonta and proceed up US 231.




Northwest of Blount County is Cullman County which over sites that your family will love. We recommend Ave Maria Grotto (1600 Saint Bernard Drive Southeast, Cullman) and Clarkson Covered Bridge (1240 CR 1043, Cullman), a 227 foot long, 90 foot high bridge. Take the fall scenic drives along US 31 and US 278. Stop in Bankhead National Forest (1070 AL Highway 33 North, Double Springs) for miles upon miles of colorful leaves. Head over to the Natchez Trace Parkway (3204 Natchez Trace Parkway, Cherokee) for 33 miles across the northwestern part of the state. Check out Joe Wheeler Dam in Joe Wheeler State Park (201 McLean Drive, Rogersville) for a great view of foliage.


In the farthest northeastern part of the state, you will find Russell Cave National Monument (3729 CR 98, Bridgeport). Great drives in Jackson County include AL 79 across Skyline Mountain, AL 279, AL 65 through the Paint Rock River Valley, and US 72. Take AL 227 through Lake Guntersville State Park (1157 Lodge Drive, Guntersville) before heading into Buck's Pocket State Park (393 County Road 174, Grove Oak).




After venturing so far north it’s time to head back towards Dothan. Head south to Etowah County for Noccalula Falls Park (1500 Noccalula Road, Gadsden) and DeSoto State Park (7104 DeSoto Parkway Northeast, Fort Payne). For the ultimate view of the fall colors head to the highest point in the state at Cheaha State Park (19644 Hwy 281, Delta). Finish your road trip by taking the Talladega Scenic Drive and Skyway Motorway through Talladega National Forest. By the time you get home to the beautiful community of Dothan, your home will be covered in the same fall colors that you just explored.


Visit our website and blog frequently for great community news to share and Dothan AL Housing Market updates!


Days on the Market

by Vanita Sansom

How long will it take to sell my house?


These are factors that determine days on the market:

1. Condition: Renovated updated move-in ready (whatever you want to call it) sells quicker!

2. Location location location.....sells quicker

3. Buyer pool: The bigger the price tag on your house the smaller the buyer pool (but there are still buyers for every price range)

4. Time: It's a matter of time with all the other conditions met! It's matter of waiting for the fish to swing by and take the bait.

5. Price: Competitive price or price below market trumps all of the above

6. Overpriced property kills all of the above.

Fall Home Buying in Dothan!

by Kelli Dillard

Spring and Summer are seen as the peak home buying seasons…..but FALL might truly be the ultimate season to buy. With many families settled into their new homes at the end of summer, there are amazing opportunities to find your dream home in a market with less competition and stress. Looking to buy a home? Use the season to your advantage! Here are the top reasons why you should purchase your new home this fall and not wait until the weather starts to warm up again next year.


Sellers with Homes still on the Market are Anxious to Sell

After having their homes listed all spring and summer, many sellers are motivated to 'make a deal'. Their homes might still be on the market because their asking price was too high during the warmer months. Now, they are looking to make a deal and are often more willing to lower their price in order to do so. As a buyer, use this to your advantage. You will likely have more success offering a lower price on a home in the fall than you would have previously.


Sellers in the Fall are Looking to Move

Sellers that leave their homes listed in the fall are doing so for a reason….they need to make a move. Whether it’s for a new job or because their new home is ready, these sellers are more serious about moving on to their new homes and need to have their current homes sold as soon as possible. They will likely be more open to negotiation in order to close the deal, especially before the upcoming holiday season.


You will have less Competition from other Home Buyers

Since fall is considered an off-season for real estate, there tends to be far less competition. The decrease in demand on the buying side does not translate to less inventory, however. There are still plenty of homes on the market! Whether it is new inventory or homes that have been on the market all summer long, buyers in the fall have a ton to choose from and are able to be more aggressive with their negotiations. Fall puts buyers in a great position of power to get exactly what you want!


You have Lots of Resources at your Disposal

As an Experienced Real Estate Team we are dedicated to helping you move into your dream home this fall. Visit our website for loads of Home Buying Tips & Reports.



What can you do to help your Fall Home Sale?


Spruce Up Your Home With End of Year Sales

The fall months are prime shopping season when it comes to home appliances, decor, maintenance goods, and more. Major retailers always offer these consumer goods at great discounts in the fall in order to prepare for next year’s trends and models. You can outfit your new home with amazing deals! Update your home with fresh paint and carpeting in September, when these goods are often put on sale. Prepare for next spring by purchasing your lawn mower in October. Create your dream kitchen in November with the help of new appliances and cookware at a discounted price.


Use Tax Deductions to Your Advantage

Regardless of which calendar month you purchase your home, homeowners can claim deductions on property tax and mortgage interest for your entire year’s worth of income. Payments completed prior to the loan closing will be considered tax deductible, even if they occur in November or December! You can save a considerable amount of money on the taxes you owe by purchasing your home later in the year!


Create Amazing Curb Appeal! Many times we focus so much on our home's interior that we forget about the first impression that a Home Buyer gets....a view from the curb! Utilize some Fall accents, plant some colorful Fall flowers and make sure your yard is always impeccably maintained.


Fall is the perfect time to Buy your dream home in Dothan!! Check out our amazing Current Listings of Homes for Sale ! Call us today or visit our website .


Resource: Forbes


More Jobs Being Created in Dothan!

by Kelli Dillard

Expansion at Wayne Farms Leads to Job Creation in Dothan

Wayne Farms, one of the nation’s largest poultry producers, is continuing to expand their Dothan facility on 808 Ross Clark Circle. This expansion is helping create more jobs in our community. The company originally purchased the facility in 2012. After moving their processing line out of Dothan for a couple of years, Wayne Farms initially invested $64.5 million to bring jobs back to the area. They are in the process of adding to the facility to help support their increased production and freezing needs, with an additional $21.2 million investment and after receiving tax incentives from Dothan City Commission.


The Dothan plant currently employees 300 people. Once the production line and freezer system expansions are completed, Wayne Farms is looking at employing an additional 624 workers at the facility, with the potential for even more in the future! Such job creation leads to great economic development for Dothan and the surrounding communities.


In order to handle the electricity needs of the expanded Wayne Farms facility, a new electrical substation is being built on the adjacent property. This substation will service the operations at Wayne Farms, the Southeast Alabama Medical Facility, and any future growth in west Dothan.


There is no better time to buy your dream home in Dothan as the city continues to grow and attract new businesses. Check out our Current Homes for Sale in Dothan. If you are interested in Buying or Selling in Dothan or the surrounding communities, contact the Dothan Real Estate Team or visit our website.

Resource: Dothan Eagle

Dothan residents will have an extra reason to smile while enjoying their McDonald’s Happy Meals…..the signature boxes will feature the artwork of Allen Laseter, a 2005 graduate of Dothan High School!!! Congrats to Allen Laseter for this amazing achievement!! The boxes with his design were distributed to McDonald’s worldwide last week!

In correlation with the Rio Olympics, McDonald’s has been promoting physical activity for children. Happy Meals include “Step-It” activity bands, which track physical activity, as well as the exercise related artwork created by Laseter. The boxes display images of children dancing, riding bikes, skateboarding, jumping rope, playing frisbee, and flying kites, reminding kids to get outside and play!

Allen Laseter spent his childhood loving art. After graduating from Dothan High, he went to college in Nashville, where he still works as a freelance artist. Laseter was approached by an art firm in Chicago that McDonald’s hired. He finished his amazing design in one to two weeks.

We are so proud of Allen Laseter for his work! Art education for students is vitally important. It helps spark creativity and has been shown to help students excel in other subject areas. We are fortunate in Dothan to have two local high schools with excellent arts programs.

Allen Laseter’s alma mater Dothan High School (1235 South Oates Street) offers a variety of visual arts courses, including painting, photography, and art survey. Students are able to explore all of their artistic interests. The dedicated art teacher at the school has been educating students for 18 years. For more information on the available courses and to see the work of students at Dothan High online, check out Payne's Fine Arts Classes.

Students at the other major high school in Dothan, Northview High School (3209 Reeves Street), are also able to express themselves artistically. Northview has a very strong visual arts program. Students at this school also have the ability to put together a portfolio for college credit. Check out the NHS Visual Arts Department for all course information.

Want your budding artist to have access to a great arts education? Check out available properties near Dothan’s two secondary schools. Current Homes for Sale Near Dothan High School and Current Homes for Sale Near Northview High School. The Dothan Real Estate Team will help you find your dream home today!

Good schools help Home Buyers determine where they want to focus their property searches. Families want neighborhoods with an excellent quality of life where they can ensure their children receive the best education possible….BUT good schools are not just a benefit to those homeowners with young children! According to the recently released ATTOM Data Solutions 2016 Schools and Housing Report, homes in zip codes that contain at least one highly ranked elementary school have home values 77 percent higher than homes in zip codes without one!!!

To find these results, ATTOM Data Solutions examined almost 19,000 elementary schools across the nation in 4,435 zip codes. Elementary schools were defined as “good” if their 2015 average test scores were at least one-third above the respective state average. This data was then analyzed alongside the 2016 home values and price appreciation in the local area.  

As of July 2016, the average estimated home value was $427,402 in 1,661 zip codes with at least one good school. This is compared to the average estimated home value of $241,096 in the 2,774 zip codes without a good school. That’s a difference of 77%!

Homes in zip codes with good schools also provide a good long term investment for owners. The study found that homeowners residing in such zip codes had...on average...a 32 percent return on their investment! Over the past decade, home appreciation values have been far more volatile in those zip codes without any good schools.

Looking for a home in a neighborhood with a great school in Dothan?! It’s incredibly easy to do! Dothan is served by Dothan City Schools. This school district is the 18th largest school district in Alabama and is ranked in the top 40 best in the state by Niche!


Set your child up for academic success and increase the value of your home by living near one of these great elementary schools:

Hidden Lake Elementary School (1475 Prevatt Road) is the largest elementary school in Dothan. It is recognized as a school of excellence, with a staff dedicated to helping the students achieve their academic and personal goals. Current Homes for Sale near Hidden Lake.

A top rated school within the city, Heard Elementary School (201 Daniel Circle) this magnet school is focused on preparing students for a technological future. They have expanded their curriculum this year with the mission of “STEAM”, which stands for Science, Technology, Education, Art, and Math! Current Homes for Sale near Heard Magnet.

Montana Street Magnet School (1001 Montana Street) is a National Blue Ribbon Winner! This program awards schools based on their overall academic excellence. It acknowledges excellence in teaching and learning and is a great honor for schools to receive. Current Homes for Sale near Montana Magnet.


Let us help you find your dream home in Dothan! Give the Dothan Real Estate Team  a call today or visit our website at


Resource: RISMedia

Stuff Busters

by Vanita Sansom

I recently told a client that “less is more” and she said, “not with money”.  I whole hardly agree, but when it comes to staging your home…LESS IS DEFINITELY MORE!

We had a client that had an amazing home.  It looked like a home right out of the magazine Southern Living.  The owner had impeccable taste and creativity.  It was a showcase.  There was only one problem.  It was not marketable.  It was not ready to “showcase” to sell.  What I mean by that basically is that she had too much stuff!  Every wall was covered.  Every corner was filled with cute “stuff”.  Yes, the home was charming and delightful, but in pictures you could not see the basic bones of the home.  All you could see was the decor.  We had to help our client “showcase” her amenities for a buyer and not her creativity.  When you are selling your home, buyers are not buying your “stuff”.  They are buying the “bones”.  I hate to say the word, but we helped her “de-clutter” in the most positive way.  We wanted buyers to see that she had hardwood floors, trey ceilings, and SPACE!  Our biggest “de-clutter” recommendation is REMOVE “stuff” from corners and create space!  You can actually show how large a room is by taking away your decor in the corners of a room.  Another word of advice is, take away the rugs.  I love rugs, by the way….they cozy up a room, but for marketing….show those awesome floors and again….create space.  If you have searched online for homes, you will understand what I am saying.  The best view of homes and its amenities is when there is very little furniture, no rugs, no plants (omg) and kitchen counters that are cleared (which is not real living btw).  Just keep in mind, when marketing your home….you are selling a product to a buyer and that buyer has to imagine their “stuff” living in that house.  And there ya go…..Call Dothan Real Estate Team…..THE STUFF BUSTERS.

Making sure the price is right

by Vanita Sansom

“We will start high! We can always reduce!” This is something we hear all the time. My concern with this approach is that it’s easy to miss buyers looking in the first 30 days. Your home is basically FRESH MEAT when it comes on the market. Just like the new TV at Best Buy, everyone wants to see the new stuff, BUT (and everyone knows what you really want to say comes after the but) if it’s overpriced in the beginning, it’s overlooked! This is why it is critical to come out of the gate with a competitive price based on homes that have sold that compare to yours. Sometimes pricing a home is a shot in the dark, especially if the home is unique and there are no other homes sold that come close to comparison. Price is not everything, as some say, but it is a BIG piece of the puzzle. Other puzzle pieces are LOCATION, CONDITION, EXPOSURE (my job) and my favorite: seller cooperation. If the seller doesn’t make showings easy by keeping the house in showing condition, it makes for a hard sell.

A competitive price is important for a timely sale (by timely I mean the average days of the market for your home in your location). We want to be careful to not give your house away. We want to SELL it before you have lost money through price reductions.

Show, Sell or Market?

by Vanita Sansom

Should you hire an agent/ brokerage company to sell, show your home or market it? Most folks would say “all three.”
The reality is no agent/ brokerage company can guarantee your home will sell, but all homes will sell at the right price. I love the ad a company ran that said, “if we don’t sell your house, we will buy it.” Of course, they left out one important ingredient: price. I will buy your house AT THE RIGHT PRICE.

No listing agent/ brokerage company can guarantee that they will show your house. Most agents are motivated to show and sell, because a listing agent reaps the reward of both sides of the marketing fee. But, unless an agent has a buyer that wants your homes specifics, there is a NO SHOW. The bottom line is this: you hire an agent / brokerage company to market your home. You want as many eyes on your home as possible. Marketing on the internet, with a paper ad, networking with other agents or open houses, are a few tools for success in selling your home. Here’s the zinger: the best marketing a company can do is offer your home to other brokerage companies to pitch to potential buyers! Statistically speaking, this where you want to be. As the owner, you shouldn’t care which agent brings the buyer…. just bring one!

So, is it possible that a listing agent might not ever show your home to a potential buyer (even though they dearly want to)? YES! My encouragement to you as a home seller is to focus on who offers the best marketing! Therefore, you need to talk to Dothan Real Estate Team.

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